Insulation vs Smart Thermostat

Ok so a smart thermostat has been installed to let the landlord know when residents aren’t keeping property heated enough to avoid damp.

Also to let them know if you are suffering from fuel poverty (although you have to apply if you are).

So lets look at its readings….

At the smart thermostat the best insulated area and hottest area in the property…

Well all is good here they get nice toasty 18-19 deg c not too shabby…

We goto the kitchen door…

Ok we have a few degrees drop but ok I guess…

It is better after I added 2 layers of insulation and boarded it. (Started as a simple single panel door single glazed.)

But then we goto our outside door the one that opens to the garden and…

Who says “we are paying to heat the lawn!”

Anyone that realises the heat loss to the outside of the kitchen door!

Social landlords are not always the best….

Repairs reported for the external door in August.

Visit in November unable to fix as carpenter didn’t carry spares.

Visit in December by which time I had removed and rebuilt the lower portion of the door as it was letting in light not to mention drafts from outside.

Told that was all they would do and maybe replaced after April the next year IF they have a budget for it?

Finally managed to get a Surveyor visit that checked the property and agrees that the doors are part of the thermal envelope of the dwelling…..

Off to capital expenditure department lets see if they communicate?

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