Backups to websites

You sign into your cms style site only to be met with you need to update……

Then after all updates the dreaded there has been an issue message and no site!

Now the panic sets in lazy didn’t do the proper backup 1st ahhhhhh!

Luckily having already setup multi mode automated backup policies it means the server did the work for me!

10 mins later and a different order to the updates and voila back up and updated!

Another day and a complete site rebuild – different issue but again different backup but 99% restored from backup! p.s. excuse a couple of minor errors but I’ll correct those in the next few days…..Finally got to the last little glitch got the 1% sorted 🙂

Thought of the day… backup but in many ways so there is more than one backup in different on and off site locations via different ways. That way there is a good chance that you can recover from issues!

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